Midas Elbow

Looking for a more portable solution? The Midas Elbow includes all the benefits of the Midas and can be connected to any bulk fuel storage tank by the tanker driver. As it’s portable, it can be carried on the truck to be used at any gas station making this a cost effective  solution.

Once the Midas elbow is locked into place it will read a simple ID tag located in the spill bucket, the system will then instantly recognize what fuel should be dropped into the UST.  If the driver opens the correct tanker compartment the Midas will open and allow the filling operation to commence . If an incorrect fuel type is detected the valve will stay closed and the unit will alarm both audibly and visually to alert the driver to the mistake.

The smart technology of the Midas Elbow offers a number of key benefits:

  • Protects your business from costly fuel tank contamination
  • Protects your customers from misfuelling their vehicles
  • Protects your business from third party damages and claims, protecting your brand’s image and reputation
  • Removes the “human error” factor from the delivery process, protecting your drivers


  • Hand held Datatec unit is used for data capture and communication
  • Automated system, no tanker modifications required 
  • Only a simple ID tag required per spill bucket/fill point
  • Audio and LED visual warning
  • Battery powered unit. No external power source